May 2019 Circles

Oakland, CA

May Intuitive Sound Circles will be:

Friday May 10, 2019 7pm-8:30pm

Thursday May 16, 2019 7pm-8:30pm

Please RSVP if you plan to come, as registration is limited to 10 people each session. (Address is at my cottage in North Oakland, and will be given when you RSVP)

Based on my training in sound healing, sacred chant, shamanic journeying, divine vocal lessons from masters in India, and connections with beautiful life force energies, this will be a intimate circle in my sweet cottage in Oakland.

We sink into the energies of the day, of the room, of the people in the circle, of the unseen forces all around and play and connect with them! We explore how the sound lives in our bodies, especially in our arms and hands.

Starting with grounding practices and vocal warm ups, we begin humming, toning, chanting, singing, and usually ending with a meditation and sound bath. I will use sruti box, electric tanboura, Tibetan bowls, drums, rattles and other instruments. Each circle is unique. Expect outcomes including bliss, joy, relaxation, stress-reduction, healing, connection, wonder, and empowerment.

Here are some testimonials:

The circles are offered freely, and if you feel so moved, I am open to a love donation of $5-$25 for each circle. (I’m also open to barter.) I plan to hold the circles approximately twice a month, depending on my ever-shifting travel schedule.

With Wondrous Joy,


Co-founder, Institute of Light and Joy



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