IMG_0608“Yesterday I attended Joy’s Music, Movement, Mantra, Meditation (MMMM) circle. I’m still buzzing with some kind of internal light. Joy opened the door to a ceremonial space-time with natural ease, creating a sense of comfort and a spirit of supportive friendliness as we prepared to explore our own voices. Gradually we moved from toning and scales to devotional mantras, all the while stirring up gentle and dynamic forms of expression as individual and group vibrations flowed out of us. After many crescendos and rhythmic vocal adventures through sweet and glorious soundscapes, we settled into a rich, meditative stillness. Joy created a beautiful container by inviting one of our most powerful sources of healing – the voice – to spread its wings and shine.” ~ Christopher Colocho

“Joy and I go way back, more than 30 years of friendship, and playing in a garage band together for 20 of those years. But this was a new and positive way to enjoy music and sound together. Combining stretching and relaxation, vocal exercises, group chanting and vocalizing (anyone can partake and should try it—no singing experience necessary) and sitting meditation with sound bowls and chimes, this was a powerful and healthy hour-and-a-half participatory sound experience. During our session I felt myself concentrating yet relaxing at the same time, an interesting experience. The vocal exercises are fun and help your vocal cords stay supple and strong. Our group sound session was a mysterious and lovely way to combine our voices as one. The final sitting meditation was quiet and restful. Joy’s instruments set tones and vibrations before and near the end of meditation and I felt the vibrations as waves of beauty.

“The next day I felt no strain on my vocal cords (I usually have a lot of strain after band rehearsals). I also felt relaxed and clear-headed, focused and calm. I recommend this experience for anyone musically inclined, whether a musician, singer or just someone who loves listening to music. Also for anyone interested in meditation and community building. If you want to calm your mind and focus, this is a way to go. Joy is dedicated and very musically gifted and she will guide you down a sound path you might not have traveled otherwise. See where it takes you.” ~ Lisa McElroy, drummer/singer, She MobIMG_1801

Review from yelp: “College son came home for summer break. We had decided to join Sound Bath Therapy at Energy Matters as a family. Wow, what a wonderful experience! We felt totally rejuvenated after this 1 hr sound bath thing. The ear needles were first time for us and totally pain free. The ambience or set up of the room included dim lighting, a comfy pillow, eye mask, body wedge and yoga mat prepared us for a unique relaxing journey. The gong, other metal bowls generating some healing sound and occasional chanting put anyone to sleep easily – but you really don’t want to snore too loud!” ~ C.K.

“Joy is, simply, a joy to play and work with!  She has cultivated such a depth of personal and creative practice that she shares in the collective field of meditation, sound, healing and inquiry.  Her lifetime of being an eclectic musician informs her use of sacred sound, always with heart, and always with humor.  As they say, if humor is missing that’s a sign that soul is missing in a collective.  Joy brings a certainty that reverence, wonder and humor are always present in equal measure.  I had the pleasure to benefit from her generous establishment and hosting of an on-going meditation and sound healing circle that thrived for many years and offered deep healing to all connected to it (even those who did not know they were connected to it!)  She is a blessing, and a whole lot of fun!” ~ Eilish Nagle, counselor and threshold guide ~ www.eilishnagle.com

“Joy is an amazing, beautiful, kind, intuitive, warm, wise, healing and magical person!!! Just being around her is enlightening and healing. Her knowledge and depth of life, music, sound, and people in general, is unprecedented.  Working with Joy is pure bliss ~ she intuitively knows how to work with you ~ be it through singing, chanting, toning, listening, talking, dancing, or laughing. When I first met Joy I was dealing with major life transitions. Through her counsel, and great knowledge & practice of sound, I am now a completely different person, who has little to no anxiety, fear, or depression.  Joy opened up my being through her various techniques, and taught me how to access my own inner wisdom & healing abilities.  I highly, highly recommend working with Joy!!!  She is a diamond in the rough, a true healer, empath, and beautiful person.  You will be over-joyed with the amazing life changes that will unfold for you by working with her. Absolutely amazing!!!!” ~ Kristina Bennett, Professional Vocal Instructor, Beginner Guitar Teacher, Musician, Voice-Over Actress ~ www.kristinabennettmusic.com

“Joy’s Sound Sanghas are revelatory, fun, awakening whilst also deeply calming and healing. She brings creative twists to singing, sounding, communing with others and guiding each person to a more ‘joy-full’ and freeing place. Joy creates a sacred and comforting safe space. I always feel ‘held’ while nudged to let loose a bit and explore the radiant realm of sound & music. Joy’s gathering is always unique, always special, and it inspired me to continue on my personal path of singing and healing with sound. It’s a rare and special treat and completely unto itself.” ~ Valentine L. Falcon, Attune-ist, Healing Artist , Singer/Musician

“Joy embodies the heart centered gift of inspiring people to surrender to the beauty of singing and playing with sound.  Every group I have had the pleasure to be in with Joy has been a delight with layers of release and rejuvenation. The Institute of Light and Joy will connect you with your authentic voice, vision and the magic of community. ”  ~ Yalila Espinoza, Sexuality Coach & Educator ~ yalila.com

Dressed as a "Joy Clown" MC-ing a show in Berkeley

Dressed as a “Joy Clown” MC-ing a show in Berkeley

“I have known Joy for several years and been to many of her meditation/ music events. She is very knowledgeable and holds impeccable space for participants of different experience levels, to benefit from the depth of her expertise. It may seem simple but the effects of “freeing your voice” has brought positive healing in so many different areas of my life including, walking my talk. I recommend Joy Hutchinson highly.  ~ Alan Waugh, Shamanic Healer, Ceremonialist, Sound Healer ~ www.spiritwisdomhealing.com


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