Individual Sessions

oceancliffsskyVocal Sessions:

Joy works individually with people who are seeking to explore, expand, and free their voice. Individualized vocal coaching sessions consist of body warm ups, vocal warm ups, and individualized practices tailored for each client. Coaching focuses on improving, fostering, and nurturing the voice. Clients receive a customized practice to continue the work at home.

Creativity & Song Writing Sessions:

Need help kick-starting your creativity? Want to learn how to write songs? Working with Joy can help loosen up the streams so the creations can flow!

Sound Healing Sessions:42E1CD69-2E75-48AD-86D2-F8ADF7113308

Using a variety of techniques including voice, drones, Tibetan bowls, BioSonic Tuning Forks, elemental chimes, Reiki, and other tools, Joy conducts Sound Healing sessions, which generally are from 30 minutes to an hour.

Spiritual Guidance Sessions:

Joy is a “Guidance Counselor for All Ages,” a moniker she adopted after working as a guidance counselor at an alternative high school. Joy has counseled a number of people over the past twenty years, many of who are experiencing spiritual challenges and awakenings related to the current planetary ascension process. The focus of these sessions is identifying ways to get in touch with your higher self and ways to raise and maintain higher vibrations in your field of consciousness. With intuitive guidance, Joy can help you find the answers that you already know deep inside.

Please Contact Me to book an individual session. Depending on the location, we may be able to meet locally or sessions can be done via skype.

Fees are sliding scale, from $33 to $99/hour; in double-digit increments:

$33/hour; $44/hour; $55/hour; $66/hour; $77/hour; $88/hour; $99/hour.

You can pay through PayPal here.


Photo of Joy H.


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