IMG_1218The core offering of The Institute of Light and Joy is to allow people of all voices to come together to sing, chant, and make sound with other people.

There are no auditions, and singers of all kinds, including shy singers, shower singers, and alone-in-the-car singers are welcome.

The experience of lifting our voices in song with others in an open and non-judgmental place is one that has proven to bring joy and well being.

IMG_0665Facilitators at The Institute of Light and Joy are chosen for their ability to be present in the moment and for their experience and training with groups and with the energy of sound.

Joy Hutchinson, MA also offers

Sound Baths with Tibetan Bowls and other instruments


individual sessions.

“Ragas are soliloquies and meditations, passionate melodies that draw circles and triangles in a mental space, a geometry of sounds that can turn a room into a fountain, a spring, a pool.” – Octavio Paz


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